Every K-Cultured Person Wishes To Try These Dishes

It’s not only hard to watch K-drama without subtitles, it is also very hard to watch them eat so deliciously and wonder why our meals are not like theirs.

Apart from the fact that washing all of those plates will be hectic considering the number of side dishes, the foods look so good, healthy and tempting.

Here you have top foods we see the most that make us drool.

1. Kimchi

The asewo meal that goes with everything. I don’t need to say so much more because it’s kimchi. A juicy memory I have of it was when Jan Di’s family made kimchi with Jun Pyo.

2. Naengmyeon

If you saw Tale of The Nine Tailed then I’m sure you remember this meal, it was Lee Rang’s favorite. This will be so perfect for this weather condition that we all got ourselves into. Yes, we caused global warming.

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3. Seaweed soup

Why do Koreans eat seaweed soup on their birthdays? Korean mothers eat seaweed soup to recover from giving birth as it contains a great source of calcium, iodine, fibre, omega acids, vitamin B1 & B3, while low in calorie. Koreans eat it to show respect and appreciation to their mothers for giving birth to them.

4. Tteokbokki

The popular street food distinguished by its bright red-orange ensemble, that most rich boys don’t know about except our Kang Tae Moo (Business Proposal) of course.

5. Ramyun

If this list were in a particular order, ramyun would have been number one. This is definitely the first food most K-cultured people took note of. My friends and I used to make normal noodles with excess water to enjoy the broth- the Korean way.

6. Jajangmyeon

Someone is moving in? There’s a mini get together? Then it’s time for this black wheat noodles garnished with cucumber. It must be so affordable seeing how everyone of all class enjoy it.

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7. Gimbap

It’s time for a picnic? Or a valentine date with your lover? Just a simple lunch for you? That’s gimbap – made from cooked rice, vegetables, fish and meats that are rolled in gim—dried sheets of seaweed.

8. Pizza Alvolo

Of course we have Dominos and others but only true K-cultured persons can relate to this. The magnificent, cheesy and garnished look of the pizza is enough to make one lose head,  but then our own Song Kang is the model of this pizza company, perfect food with a perfect person.

9. Samgyeopsal

Do you remember them squeezing pork cutlets together with numerous other foods in a big lettuce leaf? This is it! The samgyeopsal! It’s like a game of who can make the best wrap or who can chew the biggest wrap, so many food in one big leaf. A team dinner equates samgyeopsal, bottles of soju and beer.

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10. Korean Fried Chicken And Beer (chimaek)

Korean fried chicken? Of course it’s different from the regular and you probably didn’t know. Apparently, the chicken is double fried after coating it with a sweet and spicy sauce which can be made spicier with green pepper.

Even though rice is like their garri there, I’m amazed that they still have so many other dishes that are mouthwatering. Which one did I miss? Do you know their Korean names?

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