7 Nigerian Uni Students Share Their Worst Sapa Moments

Almost every Nigerian student schooling in a Nigerian University experience a shortage of cash flow at one point or the other during their stay in uni. Oh. Too fancy? Every Nigerian student was a victim of Sapa at one point or the other! 😂 We asked a couple of Nigerian students about their worst Sapa experience. Continue reading to find out.

1. Idris, FUOYE

My worst sapa experience was during my N.C.E. days. I was so broke that I had to use the combination of curry leaf, bitter leaf and water leaf to prepare ‘stew’with the garri I collected from a friend to make eba.

2. Funmilola, UI

Idia water is from the borehole taps we have in Queen Idia hall. One time, I drank garri as morning, afternoon and evening food using this water because I couldn’t afford pure water. Me that I don’t like drinking Idia water o.
Another day like that, I trekked from Idia (inside campus) to Agbowo (outside campus) just to go and cook beans at a friend’s house using hot plate just because I didn’t have any money on me.

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3. Ayoola, FUOYE

For me, when Sapa strikes, it first attacks transportation. And my hostel is farrrrr to campus. I’ve had the occasional experience of trekking for a whole week, even during exams. Or drinking soaked garri morning, afternoon and night. But the worst experience for me has to be the day I was having menstrual pain and I was so broke too. I went a whole day without eating and I was in severe pains. It wasn’t until later in the evening that God sent me a helper. Omooo!

4. Peace, UNILAG

My own worst sapa experience was when I used money to buy shoe. After buying it, I was broke and I couldn’t call home because they just sent money to me.
Na Garri dey bail me out steady. When I drank garri tire, I called my sister for help.

5. Opeyemi, UI

Omo… Countless experiences o. But my worst experience has to be in 200 level. I was so broke ehn. No money, nobody to call, nothing nothing. I just dey drink garri. The funniest part was that it was na exam period. I just thank God say my results dey okay. I just dey drink garri. At a point, e no even get taste again, I just dey drink am. But we thank God say 300 level dey better.

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6. Oyinkansola, UI

A day like that in 200level, my foodstuff had finished and I didn’t want to tell my friends because I still saw a movie the day before (if I perish I perish thinz). I only had kerosene. I didn’t eat since morning and there were no classes that day. Around 4 sha, after sleeping for almost the whole day, I left my room to go to my friend’s room when hunger had almost killed me. Fortunately for me, she was eating so I just joking and playfully joined her and that was what I ate that day till evening when I was able to get money to buy something else.

7. Ayomide, UI

It was when I was in 100 level, the only thing I had was elubo (yam flour). I called my parents and they said there was no money. I was so frustrated. I was so broke and I couldn’t borrow money because where will I get money to refund them? Since it was only yam flour I had, (not even garri!) I started thinking of what I could use it to eat. Luckily for me, I later saw one of my friends with okro that afternoon. I sha explained to her and asked her to give me okra and some other things I would need to make the soup sha. That’s how I was able to eat o. It may not seem like it to others, but it was the worst experience for me.

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Do you have any Sapa experiences you would like to share as well? Let’s hear you in the comments section!

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