Old Davido’s Hit Songs That Will Get You Grooving

Last week, we gave you odogwu. This week, we’ll also be giving you the top ten hit songs of another amazing Nigerian hip hop artist popularly known as, “Davido” or “OBO”. Let’s get started.

10. All of You

This song was released in 2012. The 30 BG chairman used this song to pay respect to people he met in the industry like D’banj,  2baba & P-Square. It has more than five million views on YouTube.

9. Ekuro

“Ekuro lala baku ewa”, you remember the song now. When we heard the jam then, we thought he’d be a one woman man but look how Davido ended..lol. Anyways, the song is one of davido’s best love songs. Currently, it has over seven million views on YouTube. The success of this track made way for Davido’s other romantic hits.

8. Back When

Back When is also part of the songs that made Davido successful in the industry. It was part of the songs in his debut album, ‘Omo Baba Olowo’. The song featured rapper Naeto and won him an award as 2012 ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Kora Awards. It has more than 1.4 million views on YouTube. 


7. Dami Duro

No cap, this song is also one of the popular and successful songs of Davido. Then, there was no time a DJ would play this song and the dancefloor would not scatter. Everyone wanted to feel like an ” OBO” too..lol. Dami Duro has over 11 million views on YouTube. It also won ‘Hottest single of the Year’ at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards. 

6. Assurance

As we all know, Davido dedicated this song to his long-time girlfriend, and the mother of his first son called, “Chioma”. The most exciting thing about the video is the part where he got her Porsche with a custom plate number ‘Assurance’. But up till now, he’s yet to marry her officially or has perhaps done so privately. Should we say he was only talking about ” Car Assurance” then? Lol

5. Skelewu

The vibe which Davido used to sing Skelewu was as high as the one he used to sing Dami Duro. Also, this song can’t be separated from its unique dance step. Skelewu soon became an anthem across Africa during the time it was released. It now has more than twenty-eight million views on YouTube.

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4. FIA

FIA is another romantic song of OBO. He’s quite the gentleman isn’t he? The major message he passed through the song was that loving someone doesn’t mean you should burn your hands for them. Hmm, there could be an underlying meaning to that but I’m not sure we’ll ever discover that. Anyways, this song was able to gain over 89 million views on YouTube. 

3. Aye

Aye is one of my best songs of Davido. Probably because he was still very innocent when he sang it or so I thought….ah ah ah. One of the reasons why people loved the songs was because they preached about separating true love from materialism. With Aye, Davido won the prestigious Headies song of the year award in the ar 2014. It has 67 million views on YouTube.

2. If


“If I tell you say I love you, o

My money my body na your own, o baby

Thirty billion for the account, oo

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Versace, Gucci for your body, o baby?”

Yeah..sing on….After the song, ‘30 billion for the account’ became a popular slogan in our country. This song also earned our beloved Davido awards like Best African Act (MTV EMA), Best Worldwide Act, and Artist of the Year

1. Fall

Fall also generated a lot of noise and YouTube views for OBO even though some people still criticized the song. Few weeks after the song was released, it became the top pick for celebrations, Tik Tok videos and the likes due to its comic love lyrics. The song has a platinum rank by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA), and over 225 million YouTube views.

There you have it! If there’s any of this songs that you prefer among the rest even though the ranking, awards and Youtube are not as not as much or higher than the rest, let’s know in the comment session! 

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