7 Signs To Know Someone Has Your Mumu Button

A mumu is someone who can be easily controlled or influenced without force while a button is a device that can be used to activate a mechanism. So, someone with your mumu button is basically someone else who can control you without you feeling like you’re being controlled. You have no idea that you’re even being controlled because it almost feels like you’re the one making the decisions that you’re making even though the other party benefits from them at all times.

Here, we’ll be giving you 7 signs to know when your mumu button has been discovered and is being taken advantage of.

1. You’re Always Smiling While Chatting The Person

People close to you know when you’re chatting with the person because of the distinctive smile you put on while chatting. Yes, it’s a good thing but do you know? Your mumu button is already in their hands? Haew! Any small thing, you’re going “hahaha.”. My guy, you’re finished o. By the time you realize it, you might have kiki-ed yourself into slavery without realizing what it is.

2. They Are Always On Your Mind

Not a day goes by without thinking about them. Every second, minute, and hour of the day they’re running cross country in your mind. To the point where you’re day dreaming about them? Omo*100. They have gotten your password, one comrade down!, I repeat, one comrade down!. At this point, they don’t even need to ask you for anything. You’ll be the one reading their mind and enslaving yourself to the person.

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3. You Get Withdrawal Syndrome If You Don’t Chat In A Day

Like say the person na hard drug. Your mind is all over the place if you haven’t heard from them in a day. You’re trying to stop yourself from probably chatting them up first for the millionth time or stopping yourself from double texting but it feels like every time, you give in to the desire to have a conversation with them. Do I need to say it? You’re gone. Your mumu button don lost go their hand.

4. A Message Notification From Them Makes Your Day

After all, it’s their message you always wait for every day. He/she might even be the only person you chat with day in and day out. The mood of your whole day depends on whether or not you hear from them. He/she is the only person in your head. Mumu button gotten completely. They have get you and I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do about it but advice you. Not like you’ll listen sha. The mumu button ain’t chinko.

5. You Always Put Them First

Whether for chivalrous reasons or whatever reasons you tell yourself, you always put them first. Your last card is nothing to you. If they ask for it, you’re giving them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t benefit from what you’re doing, as long as they are happy about it, you are fine. You always thinking about whether or not your actions will make them happy. Almost no regard for yourself or any other person. I’ll say it again, “You. Are. Gone.” My guy, they don get you.

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6. You Leave Everything Else To Attend To Them

Whether it’s a call, or their message, or they just ask for your assistance, you leave whatever it is you’re doing, however important it might be just to attend to them. Just like putting yourself second to them. He/She’s the most important person in your life. Anything they need is what you’re giving them which bring us to the last point here.

7. You’ll Do The Extra To Please Them

They ask for something and you realize you cannot afford to give them due to the resources left at your disposal so you go an extra mile and do whatever is necessary to get what they requested for them. Hoping you’re not the kind to incur debt to settle he/she with funds. If you are, then opor fun World Bank e o. I have no words but, “You’ll be fine”. For now, try deactivating that button before they destroy you.

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A situation where someone is able to take advantage of you usually stems out of a need to feel loved or a need to look like a good person even at your own expense. The truth is just as the human wants can never be fully satisfied, takers never stop taking.

At the end of the day and by the time you identify it as problem, it might have done so much irreparable damage to you but hey, “not all loss since I got the love and reverence I desired” might be what you’re thinking but is it really? Are you the only one making sacrifices to keep the relationship alive? If you took away your self-sacrifice, what do they also bring to the table?

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