“She Almost K!lled Me Before The ‘Acid Rain’ Could” – 7 Uni Students Share Their Most Random Childhood Memories

Children’s day sparks nostalgia in most of us and the big feeling of wanting to go back to the childhood we tried to escape. Yes, I agree with you that adulthood is tiring amongst many other terrible adjectives.

Here is a compilation of random memories shared with us on Children’s day:

“This one, her daddy kisses her”.

– Tife, 22

But I remember the one my dad came to school and I went outside to meet him. He lifted me up and kissed me. When I went back to class, one of my classmates, Joseph, said mischievously, “This one, her daddy kisses her”. I was embarrassed.

Another time, I was sick. So I came home from school and met only my dad at home. He took off my clothes and strapped me to his back and was singing for me. He babied me till my mom got back.

“She almost killed me before the ‘acid rain’ could”.

– Temi, 20

It was the well anticipated acid rain that was announced by who knows who back then. Somehow everyone caught the wave of how it was going to peel the skin and do the normal acid woe. Did schools announce closure through out that day? No! They sent us out right before the rain and I even played in it with my friends (we wanted to know who had the toughest skin). Trust my mother to serve me the beating of my life on getting home, she almost k!lled me before the “acid rain” could.

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“I was supposed to be her Prince Charming as her name is Princess”

– Ope, 22

My primary school crush was fine af and was in my class from nursery till primary 5. All along I knew I was supposed to be her Prince Charming as her name is Princess. We used to talk a lot and we played in class. We lost contact after primary school and we didn’t see each other in 6 years (the whole of secondary school). During our primary school reunion, I discovered that Princess already has a Prince.

“The saving habit died and I don’t have a car as planned”

– Ebuka, 20

Saving money was like a breeze for me back then. I was the best in using the popular kolo and saved every penny I got. Fast forward to now, I don’t know what happened to all the money I saved, the saving habit died and I don’t have a car as planned.

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“I was the perfect girl you will always mistake for a boy”.

-Eni, 19

I didn’t have a childhood sweetheart, I’m a saint. A sweet memory with my father will definitely be on days he gets back from one of his numerous long trips, I used to enjoy sleeping by my him a lot (it’s weird using with before anyone thinks it’s something else). Somehow, the memory of him shaving my head with blade is here too, I was the perfect girl you will always mistake for a boy.

“Sadly, she has a boyfriend now”.

– Ore, 20

I moved into a new school and into a new class of 5 pupils. With time I grew to love my class mate which I have termed as the love of my life (the one I would eventually get married too). She was taller, fair with pretty hair clips. She played football despite been bad at it like me.
I had given myself challenges a couple of time to see if I would get to marry her and pictured us with two kids playing tennis.

Fast forward to 9 years time of me searching the entire social media for her. I just saw her on a random street, I was in doubt at first but I called her name and we exchanged contacts. Sadly, she has a boyfriend now.

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“I still ask my mom about the money she kept for me till date”.

-Emmanuel, 18

During festive periods my mom used to “keep” all the funds I got from my cousins. There’s this 2500 my uncle gave me when I was younger and I still ask my mom about the money she kept for me till date.

Even though we miss those days, we can never go back to them. We will carry even the most random memories with us as we scurry through adulthood. Happy children’s day

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