10 Problems UI Freshers Will Likely Face & Their Solution

Getting admitted into the university of your dreams can be exciting. Yet, as much as you’d enjoy being in a new environment and enjoying your freedom, you should be prepared to face some challenges. In this article, we’ll be making you aware of ten problems you’ll likely face as a UI fresher and their solution as well. Yaaay!!!

1. Fixing What To Eat

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Fixing what to eat can become a problem for you as a fresher especially if you usually have morning classes. No matter how early you wake up, you may not have enough time to cook. In this case, it’s best to get enough cereals on your food list. They’re perfect for breakfast as you don’t need to go through the stress of cooking.

2. Adapting With A New Roommate

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If you’re the type who has lived in the hostel during your secondary school days, it’ll be easier for you to adapt to a new roommate. However, if you’ve never lived in a hostel and you had a room all to yourself in the house, you still have to adjust. If your roommate turns out to be a lousy person and you don’t like noise, you have to learn to live with it or try to talk things through with him or her in a subtle manner. 

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3. Adjust Their Sleeping Habits

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This is especially for those who like to sleep. University is not a slumberland. Yet, of course, you’d have plenty of time to sleep during the night since lectures don’t hold midnight classes. However, if you like to sleep into the morning, you have to curb it. You can train your body by setting an alarm to wake up by 6 am each day. 

4. Knowing How To Address Each And Every Lecturer With Their Title

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Unlike secondary school where you call all teachers masters or mistresses, except for the school proprietor or principal, uni is not like that. If you call a Prof. a Dr. Nah carry over be that 😂😂. In this scenario, try to know the name tag of any lecturer before you address them or just use “sir” for them.

5. Balancing Academics Life, Social Life With Spiritual Life

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I know the reason why most of you go to church at home is that your parents forced you. Now that you don’t have anyone to pull your ear from the bed every Sunday morning, you may be tempted to miss church a lot but stay conscious. You may not be the type to attend church every church service but try not to miss Sunday services or Jumat. Also, don’t party too much so it doesn’t affect your gp.

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6. Catch Them Young

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A tradition that I think is ridiculous, most male staylites or finalists always try to woo female freshers into dating them for many reasons, in some relationships end with heartache. As a female fresher, you have to be wise. It’s best to stay away from relationships in your first year. Likewise, male freshers should try away from relationships. 

7. Dressing

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If you aren’t the dressing type, you may face issues in the university. Even if people don’t criticize you, it’s possible that you may feel intimidated so you need to caution yourself. If you want to change your style of dressing, it should come from your heart. Don’t let anyone intimidate you! God created us differently for a reason. 

8. Anxiety

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The fear of the unknown is common for every fresher. It was even worse for us that started with virtual class but we turned out fine, and so can you. All you have to do is ensure you do what you’re supposed to do at the right time and leave the rest for God.

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9. Social Problems

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Many dramas happen among freshers during their first year. You’d probably meet people to be friends with them but later find out they’re a thorn in the flesh. So, don’t put too much hope in social relationships. Make new friends but we are ready to let go if they hurt you. Don’t hold grudges.  

10. Academic Burden 

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For those that promised their parents they’ll make a first-class, it can be very discouraging for you if you score low on your very first test, it can be discouraging. However, don’t be dismayed. Keep going.

Having read these, you’re ready to face the hurdles that come with being a fresher. If you’ve been blessed by this article, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment session. 

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