Everything We Love About Eazi And Temi

It’s no news that Tosin Ajibade popularly known as Mr Eazi is engaged to the Otedola’s youngest daughter Temi Otedola, after dating for five years. They’re one of the most popular couples and it’s so sweet to see them taking steps to ‘legalize’ things cos their fans (especially me) have been anticipating this for the longest.

Now, non-fans, what exactly, you might think, is there to love about this duo? This is where I come in.

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There are so many things to love, is it their perfect chemistry or how they complement each other? Is it how cute they look together or their amazing love story? Is it how social media users looked at them like a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up in their faces or how the couple seem not to care about people’s opinions?

What’s there not to love? Everything about them to the proposal to this moment makes us love them. Here are some highlights from the proposal:

1. Behind Story Of The Orient Express

So Temi has been crazy about the Orient Express since she was 9 years old after she read the book titled ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. So Mr Eazi took her to Paris and they rode the orient express together from Paris to Venice, Italy where he proposed. The Orient Express takes years to book, it makes us wonder how Mr Eazi managed to pull that off. The Orient Express is a very expensive 17-hour train where you have to board the train at night wearing a formal attire, and arrive in Venice, the next morning.


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2. The Ring

We’ve heard of people proposing with a million-dollar ring but Mr Eazi here bought a rock and was closely involved in designing the ring. Isn’t that so sweet? He has been planning the proposal since November 2020. We love and gush about intentional men because it seems like they only exist in Korean dramas but it seems Temi has one of her own.

3. Legalize

He wrote the song ‘Legalize’ thinking of her, asked her to feature in his music video, and proposed at the end of the shoot. It must be nice to date a musician because have you heard those lyrics? It’ll definitely make me swoon if the whole world listens to my lover reprofessing his love for me.

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4. The Perfect Proposal

In case, you have a list of perfect proposals, you should definitely add this to the list. Temi said that she was surprised, she never expected it at that moment, she didn’t suspect anything because he didn’t look or act nervous like men normally do when they are about to pop the question. There were some pointers but she didn’t think too much of it like when he asked for her favorite song. Eazi claimed the shoot was the perfect opportunity to get her dolled up for the proposal as she would have wanted. If he had told her to get dolled up for dinner, she would have known he was going to propose. Mr Eazi even said he felt extremely peaceful after he proposed and he had no doubt about his decision.

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5. The Podcast

You must wonder ‘how do you know so much about the proposal?’ it’s simple, I was told, I was given every detail and you can access it too. Just listen to their podcast, it’s titled ‘How far? With Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi’. It’s on YouTube. The first season was released in 2020 and you’ll have access to insider gist like me including the fact that they met in London and that Temi made the first move. We even knew some lines from the song ‘legalize’ before it was released.

I hope you listen to it. The only way you’ll hate these two is if you have an extreme crush on either of them and wish you were their partner or you hate love. You can’t love love and still hate these too.

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