5 Reasons to Embrace Situationships at UI

Everybody may be catching the love bug all around you but I want to show you a more excellent way. Who says you need all those fancy labels or zones before you can have something good with a babe or boo that is entering your eye? Who says you need to settle in a serious, committed relationship?

When you can just have a few random babes you’re vibing with or guys you hang out with at the club on weekends but you’re not obligated to send cute love messages in the morning? Like can you even imagine how blissful that would be? It doesn’t get any better than that, folks.
If you don’t believe me, check out five reasons to embrace situationships as a student of UI.

1. It is very liberating

Has it occurred to you that you don’t have to choose which guy to stop talking to out of the guys in your DM? I guess you never thought of that!
Yoruba boys will love this. Why settle for one lady when you can have two or three more of them? Why? Why date one guy when you can have 3 guys in your DM clamouring for your attention with gifts and everything else? You can have much more, so why cage yourself in a relationship? You didn’t beg for their love, just let them find expression.

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2. There are no strings attached

You can easily wake up one day and say you are not doing again. Not like you people were doing anything o (or not) but there’s just no serious commitment in situationships. There’s no promising tomorrow and it’s okay if you don’t show up consistently or chose to stop showing up altogether… I mean, you guys aren’t doing anything. So there’s no string attached and no hefty responsibilities and expectations later.

3. You get free ‘caretaker’ services

Haven’t you seen those Nollywood movies about a guy who can barely make ends meet in uni but it’s his babe that caters for him and all? That’s the real epitome of a comrade with knowledge and understanding! Sharp guy. The thing con be say for your own, you don’t even have to make serious pledges. If you see a guy or girl that wants to be with you, before they even pop any question, they would have been bursting some moves like this to show you the extent of their love. You just be eating the fruit of their labour while you consider their proposal… or you can pretend to.

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4. It has zero emotional wahala

Except you’re doing it wrong o, situationships don’t have emotional wahala. The moment it is getting too feely-feely, just know say problem don dey. You’re already entering a dangerous zone. But you can still stop there, that’s the beauty of it. And of course, as I said earlier, if you say you’re not doing again, that’s that about that. So onto the next one!

5. You get to skip breakfast

I’m sure you know the breakfast I’m referring to. In many relationships these days, breakfast is like a given. Breakfast might be the national cake, but it doesn’t have to touch everybody. God knows not everyone gets their fair share of the national cake in this country, so why must it be ‘breakfast’ that must be served diligently to us? Abeg o.

In conclusion, na who fall in love mess up o. You gats stay focused and keep your eyes on the price. Many will crush on you, you’re a beauri that can’t be ignored. That’s on them, not you. And it’s also not your fault if they choose to appreciate you in whatever way they deem fit. You can’t push them away, that would be rude. Just make sure you keep your eyes on the price and appreciate their good gestures too. Blessings!

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