7 Ways to Make A Unilag Girl Date You

The University of Lagos, popularly known as the university of first choice and the nation’s pride, is undoubtedly filled with beautiful ladies from all over the thirty-six states in Nigeria. Many people admire the school and wish they could secure admission there. However, the cut-off point usually disqualifies most people from gaining entry. Before applying to the school, many aim to explore everything they heard that pertains to the school, ranging from parties and fun to even exploring the ladies. However, whether or not you were admitted, you should not be prevented from meeting the love of your life as a guy in UNILAG. So, you are also welcome to read this article.

This article will help you, as a guy, know the things to do to make a UNILAG girl date you. I bet you wouldn’t have imagined any of these.

1) Dress and Smell Nice.

If you are a lover of Zee World, then you must be familiar with scenes that show their ladies turning their heads to stare at a guy who just passed by them admiringly. You will experience this when you smell nice and dress well all the time. You get addressed by the way you dress. No Unilag girl would want to be seen with a guy who looks tattered and unkempt. It is a big turn-off, and even if love is blind, one day she will borrow a pair of eyes and leave you. So, to make a Unilag girl agree to date you, you should always try to look and smell nice. Start shopping for clothes and cologne right now!


2) Stay Off-Campus.

You often hear UNILAG girls tell you they cannot date a fellow student. Well, should I say this statement is not genuinely true or is it actually a lie? Anyways, the real problem here is that she cannot date a fellow student who stays in a N25,000 hostel on campus and whose roommate is mostly bedbugs.

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Girls find it cute to tell their fellow girls they will spend the weekend at their man’s house. So, once in a while, she would like to spend the weekend with you, and this is only possible when you have an apartment. To appear tush to a UNILAG girl, you should stay off-campus, where it is believed that only the big boys live off campus due to the outrageous amount being paid for apartments off-campus.
Anyway, if you stay on campus, you have no reason to fear that you might not be able to date a girl. Keep reading, as there is undoubtedly something for you.

3) Own a car

No doubt, owning a car has become a yardstick for measuring wealth. Owning a car makes you look cool and appealing. Even if you are not facially appealing, your car is doing the job for you. UNILAG girls enjoy cruising and vibing with guys who own cars because it allows them take beautiful pictures to post on social media to pepper whoever they label as a hater.
Well, it’s okay if you do not own a car. It doesn’t deprive you of meeting the love of your life. Trust that there are also UNILAG girls who don’t mind dating a guy who doesn’t own a car simply because they love his walking steps.

4) Be Very Popular

Do you think you would get the usual act of people walking past you? Picture yourself as either Davido or Wizkid, merely walking on the road can cause traffic congestion. In fact, there won’t be any movement around the area you are walking on.
However, in your case, you are not restricting movement, but you are definitely getting stared at and admired by many UNILAG girls. There is this pride and confidence many ladies possess when they date someone famous, because when they are talked about and mentioned, you also come into the picture.

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You can start your journey to gaining popularity in UNILAG by being an up-and-coming artist and ensuring you show your talent when the opportunity presents itself.

5) Be a scholar.

The fear of carryover is the beginning of wisdom. If, as a guy, you are known to be a scholar in your department, there is every tendency that people will want to be around you. Most of these people are girls. Trust me; many would admire you and wish to be in a relationship with you, but it is left to you now to go for whom your heart chooses.
Therefore, if you know you are a single scholar, why not start showing yourself?

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6) Be A Party Freak

In case nobody informed you, UNILAG girls love to party a lot. If partying is a course one can study in university, then trust me, UNILAG girls are bagging a first class without burning the midnight candle. Therefore, for you to have a chance to date these girls, energy must match energy. You should be very familiar with places that are bubbling and known for throwing parties. To get familiar with these places, you ought to be a party freak and one who is always “outside.”


As a party freak, you should ensure that you are updated on everything trendy and classy in Trybe City so you can avoid a situation where she tells you about white wine, and it is palm wine that crosses your mind. Going out keeps you updated and helps you network more, so does Trybe City.

7) Get her some food.

The University of Lagos is known to have many food spots and restaurants. Therefore, buying her food is also a great way to make her date you. One popular meals you must ensure you are buying for a UNILAG girl is Korede Spaghetti. Korede’s spaghetti is one of the most popular food spots people patronize. His spaghetti is quite expensive and popular compared to others. Coupled with the stress of getting school work done and attending classes from morning till evening, buying a UNILAG girl’s food shows you care for her a lot.

Remember, love is beautiful, and it is what you do for those you love that determines if they will love and agree to date you.

Which of these tips are you trying out today? And which did you use to get your desired UNILAG babe?
Tell us in the comment section; we also want to know other tactics.

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