Nigeria Was An Eye Candy. Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Nigeria’s Independence

The labour of our Heroes past shall never be in vain, to serve with Heart and Might. One Nation bound in Freedommmm, peace and unityyy”. Nigeria, our father’s land. A land flowing with Milk and Honey, just that sometimes you have to preserve milk or it goes sour. This land that has been fought for and bestowed to us by our forefathers is already in our care therefore we need to preserve it for the next generation. It is a group project, leaving the country in the hands of the government might not take this nation forward as we’ve always wanted it to be. It is very important as a result for us to come together and elevate our father’s land. 

On October 1st, 2022. Nigeria go be 62 years old but wetin you sabi about the kontri? How was Nigeria before Independence? Some of us have seen movies, documentaries and even read books on it. 4 books you can read to sabi di kontri wella be HALF OF A YELLOW SUN by Chimamanda, HOW TO BE A NIGERIAN by Peter Enahoro, THERE WAS A COUNTRY by Chinua Achebe and THE COMPLETE NIGERIAN by Peter Enahoro. 

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Before the Independence

Before we had an identity, slave trade was practised by most of our very own fore fathers. If you’ve watched the movie SARAFINA, you won’t have to think deeply before you understand what I write about. This slave trade was eventually abolished in 1807 by the British Officials although the British influence didn’t effectively occupy the Niger area until 1885 as other Europeans country acknowledged Britain’s superiority over the Niger area in the 1886 Berlin conference. The southern protectorate and the northern protectorate was created on the first of January, 1900. And in 1914, the colony and protectorate was amalgamated and called Nigeria. 

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Why was Nigeria targeted? 

Who no like better thing?  You’ll have the chance to choose between a plate of Jollof and Chicken and choose a bowl of garri over it? Of course not. Britain saw Nigeria overflowing with natural resources and wanted to taste from the Nation’s cake. The British wanted the palm oil, palm kernels, groundnut and so on gotten from the country and therefore resorted to exploiting them. It was a breath of fresh air for them because as at that time, some of the powerful countries were losing money and needed a financial solution. 

Bad effects of the colonization

Although we have bad effects the colonization brought to the nation, there are also good effects. Starting with the negative changes colonialism brought about. Some of the bad effects are exploitation. As the Nation’s resources were controlled so also people who opposed were killed without much thought. Another bad change that came with the colonization was the high level of corruption. The British Officials encouraged equality among the people. 

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Good effects of the colonization

A good change that came about with colonization is the introduction of Christianity. Most of the indigenes of the land were chronic traditionalists therefore sacrifices of animals and inhuman practices were practiced. The British replaced all that with worship for a true God. Education was also improved. Ladies place were no longer viewed as the kitchen but also a class. The area of Infrastructure was also touched as well as technologic and scientific development. 

How Nigeria got her independence

Although some of the countries in Africa fought their ways into Independence, Nigeria didn’t. That’s one of the reason it is said that “a pen is mightier than the sword“. In 1953, Enahoro brought up the issue of self government. Before long, the thirst for freedom spread among the people and although the British made efforts to turn off their flames, it only rekindled it. Soon Britain agreed to make Nigeria an independent state and the process started on October 1958 and notable changes were noticed. 

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On October 1st, 1960. Nigeria celebrated their full independence under a parliamentary system of Government and Nigeria’s instrument of Independence, also known as Freedom Charter was passed down to Jaja Wachuku, the first Nigerian speaker of the Nigerian Parliament. The first election to be conducted was between three parties; NPC (Northern people Congress), NCNC (National council of Nigerian citizens) and AG (Action Group). NPC won the election although Ahmadu Bello chose to remain as the Premier of the North and therefore selected Alhaji Tafawa Balewa to become Nigeria’s first Prime Minister. 

Since the country has been united over 60 years ago, there have been no issues of break up even though things are not going perfectly in the nation. Despite the problems, we’ve stood together. Everyone hopes for a better tomorrow for out country and while at it, do not forget to be a better citizen for the upliftment of the country. 

Nigeria o ni baje o, o baje ti. 

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