10 Times Ebuka Stunned Us With His Outfits During The Big Brother Naija Level Up Show

The grand finale of the Big Brother season 7 edition was on Sunday, October 2, and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the host of the show this season, slayed big time with his stunning outfits. The famous media personality has been the show’s host since 2017 and has consistently delivered different eccentric styles of dressing.

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This time around, Ebuka crowned all his outfits for the season with two ultimate ones at the season 7 grand finale, and it was giving slay, creativity, glamor, and hotness.

For his first appearance, he wore a customized tuxedo of all the faces of the BBN ‘Level Up’ housemates. On his Twitter and IG handle, he pointed out that his outfit was a tribute to them.

Then, Ebuka went traditional when he returned on stage in a second outfit. He dazzled in his maroon-colored damask agbada that matched his kufi cap and coral hand beads. This outfit clearly illustrated royalty.

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Ebuka indeed makes a fashionable statement and here is a recap of his top 10 outfits for the season 7 edition of the show.

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1. Rainbowy Embroidered Agbada With Zaddy Vibes

We’re starting with this outfit because of its originality and creativity. It’s an agbada that was made from a patchwork of several fabrics. It is paired with a fila(cap) that symbolizes Yoruba culture. I rate this 10/10 since it’s pretty beautiful and colorful.  

2. Stylish Chiffon On Striped Aso-oke

Here, he rocks an aso-oke agbada and cap inspired by the Idoma tribe of Benue state. The red agbada with black stripes is designed with flowing chiffon clothing wrapped around the shoulders. This is another 10/10.

3. Classy-looking chartreuse coat with fashionable pants

Ebuka killed this look with a two-piece linen muscle shirt and jacket. He paired it with stylish white pants and white loafer boots. I would rate this a 9/10.

4. Retro-styled Colorful Agbada 

Once again, he amazed fans with an exquisite multi-colored agbada inspired by the retro TV with multicolored stripes. He matched it with a kufi cap and long coral neck beads. I give this 8/10.

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5. Handwoven Red And Blue Akwete Garment

Ebuka’s fans on social media fell in love with this beautifully handwoven Akwete fabric laced with cowries. This look was perfected with a staff in hand and a stoned kufi cap. If I was to describe how he looks here in one word, it’s undoubtedly “Odogwu.” He could pass off as a chief in Igboland with this look. It’s a 10/10 for me.


6. Shiny Blue Suit With Glitzy Jewelry 

For this outfit, Ebuka is dripping with deliciousness. Everything from the glasses to the suit and the rings and neck chains looks swaggy. It’s giving us pop star vibes. This is a solid 10/10.

7. Artistic ÀDÌRE Agbada

I love how Ebuka paired this custom-printed ÀDÌRE attire from Egbaland with the Irukere(horsetail).  For the lovely design on the ÀDÌRE, I’ll give it 8/10.

8. Lustrous-looking Arabian Grey Cloak 

This is my favorite outfit from Ebuka’s wardrobe this season. He paid homage to the Hausa culture with it, and everyone that sees this can confirm that the entire outfit reeks of elegance and wealth. The silky, flowing cloak looks fantastic with how it partially reveals the atiku attire underneath it. This is pure fashion-gasm. I’m rating this a 10/10.

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9. Red Flowery Designed Waistcoat with Matching Pants

I literally drooled when I saw this. What sort of gorgeousness is this? Ebuka looks dope in this outfit with his flowered waistcoat and pants and cool sunglasses. Runway models no do pass this one. This is an easy 8/10.

10. Trendy Baggy Shirt and Pants

This outfit stands out the most to me because baggy clothes are usually considered dull but it’s impressive how Ebuka pulled it off to look great on him. He makes me want to put all my money on baggy shirts and pants so that’s a 9/10.

A popular quote talks about style telling people who you are without you having to speak. Ebuka’s style depicts who he is and we stan him for that. Watch out for more of our posts on fashion.

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