You’ve Been Doing It All wrong, Snatch The Perfect Date Night With These Tips

How have you tried to impress your date? What have you done with the people you love on a date that spurs good memories? Even if nothing lasts forever, wouldn’t you want your date to go down memory lane and hope for another eventful date? Most of the time, when you tell a lady to go on a date with you, it’s always the “where” that comes next. Some date nights usually end with tumbling around together underneath the bed sheets, but you can change that. Follow me as I make a list of places and things you can engage in on a perfect date night. You can:-

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1. Watch A Movie Together

You need a perfect date. How does watching a movie together sound to you? Try hard not to pick an emotional movie so she doesn’t wet your shirt with tears. You can pick a classical movie or a romantic one. I’d suggest a Black American movie because it always comes with this beautiful vibe. You can always go with something else, like horror movies on Netflix, as just this act can go a long way in impressing your date. It is actually economical too. You don’t have to spend a lot to organize that as money no dey outside again. This could be in your apartment or car. This is a date night you can have at home. Don’t forget the popcorn and chocolate.

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Build a movie watchlist with these:

2. Visit A Fast Food Spot

What’s the best thing to do besides eat? It’s not necessary that you go to lit and exclusive restaurants. Just check for a fast food spot or a nice buka that still runs late at night and invite your date over. All you need to do is check for a date-night restaurant nearby. You can both chill out at the spot, eat the food, and wash it down with chilled drinks. I believe this is a really cool and accommodating environment when you’re just getting to know someone, especially at school. Be it your course rep or crush in class, why not try this out?

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3. Late-night walks

Late-night walks with your date, holding hands, exchanging glances, and having the entire sidewalk to yourselves are other lovely ways to spend time together. This is actually romantic as you feel endeared to the person. I suggest you avoid noisy walkways because it is actually a beautiful private moment you can have with your date. Do not pass this over.

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4. Karaoke

Yeah, I did type that. Just make sure you have an apartment with “bounce off” walls or your neighbors won’t stop knocking. Take the whole night to sing along to all your favorite songs. Songs are ways to express your feelings, so use them to your advantage. I bet a romantic girl would fall in love with that beautiful idea. There are various Nigerian songs that profess love, like “For My Hand” by Burna Boy.

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5. Play games

This is a nice way to make time go by when you’re with your date. The games can range from board games to Truth and Dare. Use the opportunity to get to know everything about your date, if you want to. You can decide to go intimate; it’s your choice. Play it well. You can dare your date to do embarrassing or intimate stuff. It’s on youuu.

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6. Outdoor Cinema

This is really beautiful. “Hey Dee, I got tickets. Can we go see the movie together? ” This is romantic, you know. Going to watch a late-night movie goes a long way, and trust me, she’d be really enthusiastic and impressed. You can add this to your list of what couples can do for a date night.

7. Visit the beach

How does watching the sunset over the sea sound? This is an exhilarating experience, I promise you. The sound of the sea splashing is an added effect that adds to the magic of the whole scene. A deep private moment can be observed here just before the end of your magical moments. You should really add this to your list.

So, in essence, all we seek is a more memorable, perfect date night with our partner or crush. Therefore, I hope with these few ideas, you won’t have a problem organizing a nice date night with your partner anymore. Comment on the place you’d like to take your partner to next.

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