Make Your Average Lifestyle Look Badass Even If You Have A Modest Income

Many people live averagely in fear of present failures and what the future holds. They settle for whatever they get because taking risks will affect their everyday comfort. All they work towards is making ends meet and surviving.

Defining an average lifestyle is relative and it’s because an average life to one person might be a life of luxury to another. Nonetheless, in every normal lifestyle, there is a need for improvements.

Tricks To Living A Healthy Lifestyle As A Student

What does it mean to have a badass lifestyle?

A badass lifestyle is quite different from how society perceives it. It is not about being a nuisance to make a name for yourself. It is about being exceptional at who you are and not conforming to conventions on averageness.

These are tips to make your average lifestyle look badass:

1. Be Calm And Composed

Be organized and do things with composure. If you’re talking, let it be with composure. If you’re walking, let it be with poise. If you’re eating, let it be with manners. Be in control of your emotions, and never let them overwhelm you. When people are rude to you, calmly put them in their places. In a situation where everyone is raising their voices, act like royalty. Always lift your head high with confidence but be careful not to mix it up with cockiness. Achieving all these isn’t easy and it’s a gradual process but you can begin by talking less and observing more.

2. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Have a little bit of everything in your wardrobe for any occasion. It’s not about how many clothes you have but how you style them. If you have to change your tailor, do it. Stop looking tattered like you’re a homeless person. Even if you cannot afford luxurious clothes, iron the “Okrika” clothes that you have, pair them with a few accessories and you’re good to go. At the end of the day, there won’t be much difference between you and the rich. An important part of this is smelling good. It should be written as a rule somewhere. You know that feeling of walking past someone and they sniff in your scent and smile? Yeah, sweet heavens! Put effort into your appearance; you may be poor, but you are not mad. Look good and look neat.

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3. Maintain A Glowing Skin

Among a crowd of people, a person with radiant skin is often noticed quickly, and that’s badass. With skin like milk, you can make heads turn for you without doing much. Unlike men, women are best known for caring for their skin. There are different stories of men having a bath with detergents or all-in-one shampoos. Eh! Don’t try it. Just because you don’t see the harmful effects of it now doesn’t mean it won’t show up later. Besides, why would you choose to have crocodile-looking skin over healthy and glowing skin?

Another tip here is to stop bleaching your skin. Apart from its harmfulness to your skin, it makes you look cheap and gives you a temporary glow. The best way to take care of your skin is to eat healthily. Exercise regularly. Have a skincare routine; wear sunscreen when going out in the sun. Get enough sleep and drink water. The water part is essential because some people habitually do not take water for the whole day. It is not a superpower. Drink water.

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4. Move With People Of Class

The friends you move around with can show a lot about who you are. Stop hanging out with rowdy people. There is nothing badass about moving around with friends that only puts you in bad situations. If a good egg is placed beside a rotten egg, the bad egg corrupts it. The longer you stay with them, the harder it is to drop that ugly and average lifestyle you no longer want. Follow people with a sophisticated lifestyle, and it will be easier to follow the same lifestyle.

5. Upskill Yourself


No amount of knowledge is too much. In fact, it makes you powerful. Open your mind to learn new things, take up a few courses and educate yourself. Be someone people can come to for answers. There is value in being intelligent. Be intelligent verbally and emotionally. Map out your career and envision how you want it to play out. A bonus to upskilling yourself is making your own money and making money work for you. What is more badass than making your own money and being independent?

6. Be Free To Say No

People hate rejections but you shouldn’t be a people pleaser because of that. The more you agree to circumstances that break and exhaust you, the more stunted your personal growth becomes. Be fearless in setting boundaries and saying no. Say no to gatherings you don’t want to be in. Say no to offers that do not benefit you. Say no to discussions that are borne out of hatred and envy. Don’t poke your nose into issues that do not involve you. And even those involving you, say no to them controlling you. A Nigerian celebrity I respect for this is Big Wiz. You won’t find him on social media replying to trolls as his mates do. Some call it pride but I say being relaxed like that is the highest level of badassery. Not everything should steal out of your time or get a response from you. Saying no helps you in maintaining stability mentally.

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 7. Have A “Me” Time

Everything you do shouldn’t always be done with people. Do what you want and not what every other person wants for you. Post what you want. Wear what you desire. Have a “me” time that connects you with your inner self. Unplug from the noise in the world and find solace in yourself. Take charge of your happiness. Go on vacations alone. Read books in your little corner. Watch Netflix and be chill within your space. Have a fancy restaurant dinner for just yourself. Create time to enjoy things you love doing.

Implementing the tips mentioned here will not only refurbish your lifestyle into a better one but also make you appreciate and love yourself better. Every moment of your life counts; live in the moment and live it to the fullest.

How have you been living? Is it average or badassery, or in between? Share with us in the comment section and mention the tips you like best.

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