For The Sake Of Your Mental Health, Avoid These 5 Things As A Nigerian.

Being a Nigerian by chance is enough to make you mentally ill; life is tough, and things are hard. As an individual, it is not selfishness to make your mental health and peace of mind a priority. While it is not easy to change the society you find yourself in, there is something you should change and avoid, if not anything, for the sake of your mental well-being. A healthy mental state is essential to living a satisfying life.

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These are five things you must avoid for the sake of your mental well-being.

1. Toxic relationships

The people you have in your life can either improve your mental health or make it suffer. While you cannot choose the people around you, you can always choose who you want to be around. You must avoid being around toxic people as they have nothing to offer you but drain your mental power.

Life is hard, and staying in a toxic relationship would make it harder for you. This is because unhealthy people will never let you see the bright side of your life; instead of bringing you up, they will always aim to bring you down.

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2. Being Too Kind

It is good to be kind, but it becomes problematic when kindness is the only thing you have to offer. When you are too kind to people around you, you always want to say yes to them and do something to please them, even at the cost of your happiness. Mind you, no matter the length of kindness you show to people, they won’t feel satisfied with it and still find a way to condemn you or even want to exploit you at any slight opportunity.

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What is the point of being too kind when you might still have yourself to blame? It is good to be kind, but too much of it isn’t good for you and your mental health. Be kind but don’t give too much of it; sometimes, you must stay wicked.

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3.  Bottling Up Your Pains And Struggle

 Don’t let anyone confuse you with the phrases like, “men don’t cry, good girls don’t get angry.” People might tell you that speaking up about your pains or struggles would make you appear weak to those you share them with. Hence it would help if you kept your pests and struggles to yourself.

Do you know speaking up about your pains or struggles relieves the weight of the burden of carrying them, even when the person you share it with has nothing to do with helping the situation? Bottling up your pains and struggles won’t help you in any way; it can be only prone to mental health illnesses like depression, anxiety, and many more.

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If you can’t let go of your pains, share them with those you trust. As a  good Nigerian, you won’t forget the principle of soro soke.


 4. Comparing

As a Nigerian, you must understand that you can’t live the same life as your next-door neighbor or anybody around you. Even though our five fingers aren’t equal, we are different and have diverse stories to live and tell.

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If at all you want to compare, the comparison should be to awaken the best out of you, not to become bitter and beat yourself up for not doing like this other person. If you live your life to compare with others, you will not appreciate a good part of your journey or experience the true happiness that comes from self-acceptance. Your peace of mind will always be at stake


5. Expectations

“Nothing ever promised tomorrow,” Brymo once said in one of his songs.

Although we all live in hope, you shouldn’t live your whole world on expectations from people or yourself. It would help if you lived your life freely with no rigid expectations.

Nothing breaks a man’s heart more quickly than expectations. Expectations kill and can make you suffer for the rest of your life. When things don’t happen to you the way you have been expecting or a person’s behavior doesn’t turn out the way you expected, you become disappointed in yourself and that person. You don’t need to expect too much from any politician aspirants, so you won’t have yourself to blame in the end.

The situation of the country is enough to cause one to slide into depression. But not you, because you’re going to follow these tips to live a stress free life. More importantly, you’re going to vote right in 2023 to solve about 90% of your problems. If you found this helpful, share to you family and friends.


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