5 Reasons People Don’t Like UNILAG

The University of Lagos has just been ranked as the best university in Nigeria. Well, it is a well-deserved award that has added to the school’s morale and given the students something to be proud of. The school has steadily maintained this rising since 2020 by leaping from the range of 801-1000 in 2020 to 601-800 in 2021, and 501-600 in 2022, and now rising to the range of 401-500 in 2023 with other top universities around the world.

As much as the celebration towards this school maintains a well-deserved position, the dislike towards this school cannot be hidden. Of course, not everyone would like you, and there is undoubtedly a reason for that.  This article has highlighted five reasons people don’t like the University Of Lagos and trust that they cannot deny these reasons.

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1. Rejection

The University of Lagos is known to be one school that nearly everyone wants to gain admission into, but the number of rejected students is way too high. This rejection is caused by the students not meeting up to the school’s expectations, and when they do not meet up to the high standards of the school, they are denied admission. This rejection has made many harbour hate for the school because it has always been their dream school. Check out those who say they hate Unilag; it is simply because the school denied them admission, that is why, and nothing more than that.

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2. Lifestyle

Unilag students are believed to embrace worldly lifestyles, like going to clubs and dressing in skimpy clothing. Well, this is true, but I doubt any school out there whose students don’t party or wear skimpy things, but as usual, when it comes to Unilag, they lead in all these atrocities. It is also believed that going into this school could easily get one corrupt due to the high and expensive lifestyle many live in this school. For instance, an iPhone 13 Is like an iPhone 6 on campus. You see nearly all the students using iPhones as if it was produced in their backyards.  How about the expensive food being sold? Spaghetti and Turkey for 1500, when you can use this money to eat five times in schools located in Ogun State.

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This is why parents shield their children from this school because they believe that if they get into this school as good girls, they are getting corrupt to afford these expenses, and feel among others. Well, It rains everywhere.

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3. Proud/rude

The University of the First choice and the Nation’s Pride! With this slogan, you don’t expect the students to be timid. They will always stand out wherever they find themselves. The pride they carry around them like perfume is a lifestyle that has choked many into thinking they are not only proud but also rude. But of course, you might think they are so proud and rude, and that is because the school has given them something to be proud of. As for them being rude,  it is when you try to test them, you will collect. 

4. High cut-off Mark

With a jamb score of 350, you might not even get to study Medicine, which keeps people wondering what this school wants. Well, it has its standard, as mentioned earlier, and if you cannot meet up, you swerve. But some people don’t swerve; rather, they pick up something and start hating the school. I guess this is how people express their hurt, so it is safe to say their hate might be valid to them. Let’s move on, please.

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5. Their Beliefs

People believe in gaining admission into this school, you need connections. Please, is it a NEPA connection because I don’t understand! The University of Lagos is one school that values transparency and gives admission based on merits. If you don’t qualify to be admitted, you cannot get accepted even if you have 10 Babalawo’s helping you run it. With the belief that you need to have money and connection with top officials, people have cultivated some dislike towards the school, but trust me, they will be fine.

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What are your thoughts on these reasons? Can we say these reasons are valid enough not to like the school? Please share your opinions with us.

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