UNILAG Extends Examination Date As Faculty Presidents Meet VC and DSA

On Friday, the 28th day of October 2022, faculty presidents met with the outgoing Vice-Chancellor, in the person of Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, and the Dean of Students Affairs, Professor Musa Obalola, to present issues causing distress to students during this period.

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These issues included:

  1. Extending examination dates for all faculties, including the faculty of education, by at least a week.

  2. Permitting the use of power during the day in the different hostels

  3. Extension of the time frame for registration and edition of courses.

  4. Making life more comfortable for bonafide and others in various halls of residence.

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After the requests were made, the Vice Chancellor, in his usual empathy, granted all requests.

  1. The new date for examination in all faculties will now be Monday, the 5th day of December, 202,2, instead of the 28th of November 2022, as previously announced.

  2. Power supply in the hostels will now run from 3 pm to 8 am daily instead of 6 pm to 8 am

  3. Course registration will take place fully into the first week of November.

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The DSA also made a promise to make sure that students are treated kindly in the different halls of residence, bonafide and squatters alike.
He further said; work is ongoing and will be fully reflective in the next few days regarding the comfort and welfare of students on campus.

After granting all the student’s requests, the Vice Chancellor made a special request that all students of the University join him by 7 am today at the Sports Center to have a walk of life

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Faculty presidents encourage students to make time to join the Walk of Life as a mark of respect and love for the VC and as a sign of being true AKOKITES!

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