Love is in the air, it seems not everyone is breathing fine.

It has been regular for lovers to celebrate themselves, especially in this season.

While some are preparing to make it a memorable day for their lovers(physically), we have distance lovers who are finding it hard to celebrate Valentine’s Day because of the distance. You are thinking distance will affect your Val, right? Worry no more!

In this article, I will be talking about simple ways to spice up your long-distance romance on Valentine’s Day virtually.

1. Video Call

As we all know, this is important in every long-distance relationship, but it is importanter on days like this. No matter how busy both sides are, they can just create the time, since there won’t be any physical meeting or date. Lovers can just enjoy the day by virtually communicating with each other. With this, they can have the best of the day.

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2. Plan To Watch Romantic Movies

Long Distance Lovers can plan watching romantic movies since the day is for celebrating them. Lovers can plan to watch some or just one movie, then when you guys are done, you can just discuss your different takes on the movies. Doing this will help improve your way of communicating with each other. You wouldn’t just be talking about each other alone, you now have other kinds of stuff to talk about. This tends to take your relationship to the next level and they won’t be bored at all throughout the day, you will definitely feel each other’s presence by doing this!

3. Send Gifts

Just like how the previous two are important, this is the “brainbox”. Sending gifts to your partner on this day is a love language. This will show how much you cherish them.

Therefore, Brothers! Order that package for your partner! It will show how much you love and have her in mind.

Sisters! Place that order now for your partners, don’t think about the cost! What matters is the genuine happiness that comes with receiving the gift. He will love it!

4. Plan a virtual date

Another way distance lovers can make their love day memorable is by planning a virtual date. Here, it’s going to be done like a normal date night! It’s going to be interesting. All you need is, the comfort of your rooms, dress up, just like you are going out for a “date” then you eliminate all forms of distraction, just you and your lover. Set it up like a proper date, but the difference is, you will be communicating with him/her through your device. Eat, drink and make merry, you will love it, it will feel like a physical date.

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5. Play exciting games together, virtually

To spice up your love day, this will be fun and interesting! You get to play games with your partner. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier, you can have all the fun virtually too. You can play Truth or Dare, iMessage games, or better still, you can try asking yourselves questions and do it like a game “thing”

When you are doing this, make sure you are enjoying it and don’t bore each other with boring questions, make it fun and interesting! Ok? Ok!
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