1. Pick 2 Geng

This set of students are in their final year and they can’t wait to end it all. When you are about to close the game and ASUU gave you pick 2, you can imagine how disastrous that can be.

The school has been frustrating them, and they can’t wait to sign out. They are probably thinking they will be done in few months, but then, ASUU came through, as always 😂. Who knows, warning strike for now, it might be extended to 2023!

2. Grownish betrayed

These are freshers that have been betrayed by Zoey Johnson. They are excited about the free world they finally got into and are ready to explore. They will be like, “I gained admission in 2022, by 2026, I will be done!”. My dear, this is Nigeria, the number of years you will be using will be determined by ASUU, calm down!

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3. CEOs and Merchants

These ones see the strike as an opportunity to focus on their businesses. They are the type of students that hardly come to classes. You only see them in important classes, test days and examination days. Soon as they heard about the strike, they won’t be bothered as they are making their money, no be ASUU go decide for them.

4. The Omo Mummies

You see these type of students ehn! They are full of drama even in school. They are the type that will go home immediately they are done with exams. They are like

“What would I be doing in the school?”,

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“Wo! I’m going home jare”.

In the case of the strike too, they are the first to pack their bags home immediately. I’m sure they are reading this article from home😂😂

5. The Coconut Head Geng

You see this type ehn! They will stick around the school, they often stay off-campus, so nobody can query their movement. You see them through their update, going from one place to another. Chopping life upandan. They don’t want to know how long the strike can be, they won’t go home.

6. No Stress

These ones have willingly accepted their fates and they actually do not care about the strike. Life after school is still unclear to them and they are still enjoying the school atmosphere. Whether at home or at school, all they have been praying for is the strike that came to them like a blessing. Osodeke thank you o!

7. Wailers

The scholars, the low budget Albert Einstein, upcoming scholars and people that are trying to be focused to boost their CGPA belong here.


They’ve planned out their grades, when to read, what to read and how to blaze exams and tests only for ASUU to put their moving train to a halt somehow. They are the saddest during this period of jubilation for most.

So, now you! What type of student are you?

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