10 Problems Freshers Of FUOYE Will Likely Face and Their Solutions

The greatest news for most students is the news of their admission into the university. It’s something to rejoice about yet a lot of responsibilities fall on the parents and child.

The University isn’t a bed of roses. It will be a wrong decision if a child gets into the university without being aware of the issues ahead. Some students realize it too late and suffer the consequences while some are opportune to get a counsel.

If you are a new student also known as ‘a Fresher’, then this is for you. As you read along, the common issues faced by freshers would be described along with the solution. Hence, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you can find your way out.

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1. Registration issues:

Taking Federal University Oye Ekiti as a case study, registration is the first hurdle you have to cross. if the right approach isn’t given to the registration process by the student, it could turn out to be a huge problem.

The various registration processes in the school could drain your time, money, and efforts.

To prevent this, the student has to be disciplined and be determined. The student has to take note of the rules concerning the registration, the documents needed, and has to be at the center before the sun is out.

From experience, this is the best way to avoid school registration issues.

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2. Accommodation:

Accommodation is a very common problem especially for freshers who just got in school. This is due to the low availability of hostels in the region.

The school hostel is also filled up due to low number of buildings allocated for accommodation. There are two ways this problem can be evaded and that’s by:

  • Registering for the school hostel before the school resumes
  • Searching for off-campus hostels through students, friends and any other help available.
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3. Lack of Electricity:

Most freshers at the school will likely encounter this issue. The University is currently not connected to the common electricity distribution company ‘NEPA’. However, the school makes up for it by providing electricity from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays.

Regardless of the light provided at school, freshers that are off campus will suffer lack of power due to the bad electricity in OYE/IKOLE EKITI.

The solution to this is getting a generator or buying solar-powered chargers or equipment. Most students prefer charging phones, power banks and the rest at school which is also a good choice.

4. Bullying:

Bullying has been one of the most common issues in every school. This issue is very rampant in universities and the inferior students are the victims. Most freshers are often asked to do uncomfortable things which could damage or scar them emotionally or physically.



Bullying can be avoided by being with the right set of people and friends. It is advisable to get good friends that you can rely on and be able to contact them when you find yourself in an uneasy situation.

5. Expenses:

As a fresher in the university, expenses are an issue that may eventually become a very big problem. In the university, everything requires money and could cause you a lot of worries. From paying faculty and departmental dues, assignments, donations, projects, money is the pillar.

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When dealing with financial issues, saving is the best solution especially when you aren’t earning yourself. You can save money by cutting down on other costs like feeding or shopping. You can also find a side hustle to do after classes to earn some cash.

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6. New Life adjustment:

leaving the comfort of your home to study at the university and live with strangers can be difficult for some students. This might turn out to be a problem for you if you are an introvert. You have to get used to the new college life because the university is the beginning of life outside your home.


Take time and pick good friends and spend more time with them. It is advisable you stay away from others who might pose a threat to you.

7. Lecturers:

Lecturers are one of the issues new students might face in the university. Some lecturers are a delight to study under while others conduct boring lectures. Sometimes, the lecturers expect too much from students by teaching over schedule which stresses the students.


First, be patient with the lecturers as they have a lot to do and are often busy. Do not hesitate to tell them when you are struggling with something, they will definitely help out. Lastly, a meeting should be held to discuss the hours for the classes so as to avoid overtime and stress.

8. Pressure:

In the university, there is a lot of pressure that would put new students under severe stress. The academics in university is very competitive and it is vital to know that marks aren’t everything.

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To avoid academic pressure, you have to create a balance between learning and your other aspects. You shouldn’t work yourself out by reading too much that you don’t enjoy other things in the university.

9. Distractions:

As a new student, a lot of things can distract you from studies. Every fresher gets super elated when they enter college and get distracted in the process of adjusting to their new life.

The only solution to avoid distraction is by creating a strict schedule and abiding by it. That way, time will be created for breaks and academics.

10. Time management:

Time management is one of the common issues for freshers. Freshers have a lot to do during their very first year which could be stressful. This includes; classes, homework, clubs and activities, socializing and self-care which are all important. College will be more stressful for a fresher who doesn’t manages his time diligently.



In cases when you feel time isn’t enough, planning a thorough schedule will help you manage your new life and reduce stress.

Above are the top ten issues freshers also known as first years might encounter at college along with the solution. What do you think about it?

Let us know in the comment sections if the solutions work out for you.

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