10 Fun Activities To Engage In During Exam Period

During the exam period, the struggle of reading courses back to back or solving past questions can be overwhelming for students and hereby lead to sicknesses, which are generally called, “Exam fever”.

Most students believe one should only engage in academic activities during exam time but that’s not true.

It’s advisable to engage in minimal fun activities during exams as it helps the brain relax and perform better.

Some of these activities include: 

1. Eatout With Friends

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Writing an exam doesn’t mean you should stop eating with your friends or eat at all. Whether early in the morning before an exam or after the exam, you can follow friends to eat at the same restaurant. Students mostly joke when eating out and talking like that help to ease examination tension. Preferably, eat out after the exam so you won’t lose track of time when talking.

2. Hangout With Friends

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Eating and hanging out are somehow similar, except that it entails more activity apart from eating or chatting. You guys can choose to hang out at a cinema to watch movies, do karaoke, play football, or engage in other fun-filled activities as long as it helps you forget you’re writing an exam for some time.


3. Play Games

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Playing game is also a great way to have fun during exams and it’s not limited to phone games alone.

There are viewing centres, you can go there to watch football games with friends or even students you didn’t know before.

There are other spots too for playing basketball, tennis, and other available games on the school premises

4. See Movies

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Initially, I was determined never to watch movies during exams but I later discovered there’s no point. Watching movies during exams is not a crime but you just need to be able to control yourself. Still, you shouldn’t watch series during exams because they have a way of getting one hooked, such that you’ll even forget you have an exam to prepare for.

Just watch a normal movie to take a break and go back to your reading.

5. Take A Walk

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The importance of walking during exams cannot be overemphasized. Aside from being a form of exercise, it helps to appreciate the beauty of greens which are all around the university environment. Moreover, you get to breathe in the fresh air and get new inspiration to ace that scary exam!

6. Surf The Net

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There’s rarely a bad timing for surfing. You can browse more on the course you’re about to write so you can get fresh ideas and incorporate them into your writing. Some lecturers award extra marks to students who gave them something different from what’s in their notes. You can also browse for news on your favourite celebrity but don’t overdo it. 

7. Go To Parties

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If you’re a party lover, the first thing people tell you when you start an exam is “You better stop going to parties”.

They are somehow right but reading from morning till night doesn’t guarantee success in exams.

Since the university exam timetable is not jam-packed like secondary school’s own, you can still attend parties when you don’t have papers but don’t let it be too much.

8. Dance

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Attending a party is a popular reason for students to dance but if you’re not chanced, you can dance in the comfort of your room. You can organize a mini dancing competition between you and your fun roommates or even invite other people from your block.

9. Listen To Music

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Whether it’s Tope Alabi, Travis Green, or Davido’s songs you like, don’t let anyone stop you from listening to your kind of song due to their preference. Not especially when you have a headset or AirPods to feel the effect of these songs without disturbing them. Songs are entertaining, inspiring, and relieving.

10. Cook

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Most students hardly have time to cook during examinations. Okay, I know some of us can be very busy doing that. Yet, even out of your busy schedule, try to create time to cook. When you’re so lucky that you don’t have any paper for the next one or two days, go to the market and get fresh food items. If there’s a special recipe that’s been on your mind for a long, why not try it out?

Eating the food of your choice could motivate you to study better.

If you have more preferences for any of the activities listed above or you have new ideas you want to share, don’t hesitate to type them in the comment session. can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks for reading🧡

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