10 Things You Will Learn After Writing Your First UI Exam 

Right from the time they gain admission, freshers dread the thought of failing their first-semester exam so they follow every piece of advice just to ensure they make it.

Listed below are some of the things you’ll learn after writing your first UI exam: 

1. Read Every Part Of Your Book

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Some Lecturers give students AOC (Area Of Concentration) while some give none at all. It’s nothing a bad idea to spend a substantial amount of time reading the topics a lecturer gave. Yet, you shouldn’t focus on that alone. Ensure you touch all aspects of your course materials..e get why.

2. Don’t Do Oversabi

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Some questions may require you to write pages while others half a page. Even if you know more than what a lecturer is asking, don’t do oversabi.

Not all lecturers have the luxury to go through scripts to see all your points. If you use just one page to explain one point and they don’t have time to go through the rest, you’ll get a low mark. 

3. Too Much Of TDB No Good

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Many people believe TDB is the only way to pass an exam that isn’t through. Lecturers advise that you read lecture notes every day so it’ll be easier to digest everything before the exam. If you rely too much on TDB alone, especially during exams, you may end up remembering nothing in the exam hall and there’s nothing as worse as that.

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4. Rest Before Exams

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Exam time is not the time to do much reading. It’s the time you’re supposed to revise and answer questions on everything you’ve read so far. If you stress yourself too much on reading during exam time, you’re likely to have a breakdown and I don’t I’ve never heard of anything called a make-up exam..lol

5. Don’t Trust Formation

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Some students rely on sitting close to coursemates who can help them after they’ve each chosen topics to read and share the knowledge with others. But as we all know, it doesn’t always work. Even after you’ve done your arrangement the lecturer could decide to scatter you.

6. Don’t Rely On Friends

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Relying on friends during exams is also risky. They might not be in the position to help you either because an invigilator’s eyes are fixed on them, they don’t have any idea of the question you’re asking about or they just decide to shenk you. Remember, once beaten, twice. Study well before any examination so nobody will shenk you in the exam hall. 

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7. Read Instructions

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Reading instructions is one of the keys to passing an exam in UI. So just before you pick your pen to start writing, take five to ten minutes to digest the instructions given. It’s also advisable to examine the rate at which you can answer questions effectively before you choose them. If you choose a question you can’t answer well because everyone is choosing it, you might end up shooting yourself in the leg.

8. Get To Exam Hall Early

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Having seen how students suffered at the hand of investigators, you must have discovered how important it is to get to the exam hall early. Even if your exam is by 10, you should at least get there 30 minutes or an hour before. Sometimes, there could be a change in venue or the lecturer just decides to start earlier.

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9. Know What Helps You Study Efficiently

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After all the hyping, you must have discovered TDB didn’t help you or perhaps a little bit. The worse that can happen to you as a student is not knowing what works for you. Take time to study yourself so you can know the most appropriate studying style for you. Else, you’ll end up making the same mistake over and over again.

10. Don’t Cheat, SDC is real

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There was never a time UI condoned cheating in various forms. You must have seen students sent out of the examination hall or rusticated because of cheating. If you don’t want to end up like them, you should stay away from them. Just do your best and leave the rest for God.

Do you wish to share other things you’ve learned after writing your first UI exam with us? We’ll be awaiting your response in the comment session! 

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