#TrybeShip – This Gen Z couple shared with us how they have been managing their long-distance relationship of over 5 years

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“On today’s episode of #TrybeShips, we interviewed two young lovebirds, Tommy and Mina. They revealed to us how they have been managing their long-distance relationship of over 5 years”

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As we all know, long-distance relationships used to be greatly frowned upon. However, due to improved technology and various travel options, it has been seen as a good chance for people who are far from one another but still have an interest in pursuing a romantic relationship. We spoke with two students who attend school in different locations about how they’ve managed to deal with jealousy and loneliness while keeping their relationship as healthy as it can be.

Interviewer: How did you two meet?

Tommy: We met through my secondary school classmate who she was dating then, that was JSS3 if I can remember correctly. I always teased her I would be the one to marry her last last…laughs

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Mina: LMAO…he was one of those guys that’d pop up once in a while and say “I’d marry you last last” chuckles though I never saw him that way. If anyone told me we’d be dating now, I’d have taken such a person’s word as bluff.

Tommy: Proudly a man of my word… beats chest

Mina: Ugh!

Interviewer: That’s hilarious… So, how have you been coping with being far away from each other?

Tommy: Ladies first.

Mina: Bombastic side-eye Well, well… It’s been God, good communication, trust, and transparency. We are both open persons, and that has made our relationship as smooth as it can be.

Tommy: I’m with a very amazing lady, and she has made lots of things easier for us. I make things easy too oo, ehn ehn, before you come for me. Laughs but in all, she’s a peaceful one, and I believe that’s what we men usually look out for.

Mina: Blushes.

Interviewer: I’m sure you guys definitely miss each other’s company and all of that, how has that been for you?

Mina: Of course, we do miss each other, but what has made living with that easier is we carry each other along all through the day. I mean, I know every daily activity he engages in, and that way, though we are far from one another, the distance is not so evident. I hope you understand what I mean?

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Tommy: Yeah… we communicate that much, and through that means, we both feel involved in each other’s daily activities. Sometimes, it feels like I’m right where she is, seeing the way things unfold for her. Plus, we video call each other as often as we can.

Interviewer: Waoh, that’s amazing. Even some people in close-distance relationships don’t engage in all of this. That’s truly amazing. Love it for you guys.

Mina and Tommy: Thank youuuu.

Interviewer: Have you ever felt lonely or sort of alone in the relationship?

Tommy: Nah, I have not felt alone in the 2 years of our relationship.

Mina: Hmmm, maybe at the early start of the relationship, but now, nope

Tommy: Waohhh… didn’t know about that, lol.

Mina: Well, now you know!

Interviewer: How do you feel when you know your partner is with the opposite sex?

Mina: Hmmm laughs I’ve learned to believe he knows what he’s doing because he’s a fineeee boy as you can see, but what can I do? It is not like I can cage him or something. So, I’ve learned to just trust him and believe his head is in the right place wherever he is. sniffs

Tommy: chuckles This girl, LMAO. Same thing with me, actually. Though for me, the battle happened somewhere in the middle of the relationship, but now, I’m good. I trust her to a great extent.

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Interviewer: Okay, and to my last question for you, what advice would you give to people who want to go into long-distance relationships?

Mina: Hmmm, omooo, patience, trust, and communication are key. Actually, communication and comprehension, you know what I mean. It’s one thing to talk, it’s another to understand. If all of these are in place, I think the relationship is good to go.

Tommy: Yeah, adding to what she said, I’d say contentment is also key. No matter how! You will see someone who is finer and curvier than your partner, so just be good with what you have and God will do the rest. Amen.

Mina: Amen!

Interviewer: Laughs You guys… Anyway, thanks so much for your time. It was good talking to you, and personally, I have learnt a lot. Bye, guys.

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