5 Ways To Outsmart Your Smart-Mouth Lecturer 

In the race of life. You will agree with us that the end goal of every man is success and peace of mind. Success can be attained in various forms through various channels with the surest being EDUCATION. Ignore all the pessimists that pick up the microphone and spit jargon Like “Education is not the only way to success or It is not important to perform at your best in school“. THEY LIE! Trust us. Education is a needed channel in your success story and you have to take it seriously as you take your data subscription. 

As usual, we have run far and wide to get you this detailed gist. Pull your plastic chair closer to your plastic table and note these 5 ways to outsmart that Lecturer who claims to fail half of his students: 


A lot of students understate this but it is very important. Try as much as you can to lay your hands on the course outline prepared by the department or lecturer himself. Trust us, they’ll never go beyond their outline. Let’s start with that. 

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Students need to understand that he will say exactly what he will ask in his EXAMS in half of his classes. What particular topic or assignment question does he hammer on? NOTE IT. Does he try to explain a point or topic better than others? NOTE IT. Does he always say to do more research? DO IT. Do the things he says to do. DO THE THINGS HE HAMMERS ON. 


We know this sounds funny. You?! A whole big boy?! Seat in front?! We know the vibe. But then, we won’t fail to tell the truth. Attending 80% of the lectures as a backbencher is an

automatic failure. Most of the students that lead the class are the front seaters. No. Not because they’re not cool. Nah. But because they are smart. They see it all, hear it all. Even record classes and so on. Passing with flying colours has nothing to do with your social status and fine face. 

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You think we’re here to advise you to go for overnight every night? Big LOL! You kid yourself. Nobody gat time for that. Seriously! Passing an exam has nothing to do with going to study every night on campus. Recording a lecture and listening to it as you compare your notes in your leisure time? YES. Eating and sleeping as soon as you get back from Campus? YES. Waking up, going through notes, jotting in your own style as you make the necessary research? YES!! Rewriting the material you have on your phone or as a hard copy. That is stupid. It is not SMART at all. Praying, stretching when you feel numb, sleeping some minutes to midnight. Yes. Those are the tactics of the SMART students. 


You don’t need a battalion to outsmart lectures. You’re being the bigger fool if you think you can actually gain anything from your so-called ‘cliques’. SMART UP, baby girl. No dey dull yourself. The intervals between classes during weekdays should be spent having intellectual and fun convos with your study group. Make sure at least 2 people are smarter than you are. Move with the straight-A students. You don’t have to be their tight friend. Just be cool. Ask questions. Listen. Divide the topics in the course outline among yourself and each person will study and teach their topics to the group in turn. YES. That is how you outsmart the education system. That is how you can remain your chilled self, no pressure, have fun when due, and still put in exactly what it takes to outsmart your lecturer. 

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And if anyone asks your little secret, Let them know you heard it here first. Ciao!

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